Brad G led a family worship night at our church and it was a blast! ”

— Gala Mayled, Harvest Bible Chapel

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Brad Performed a kids worship concert with our Elementary Kids last Fall in all three morning services, and even worked with a team of our kids so they could help lead the movement parts. Brad is very warm, easy to work with, genuinely loves God and enjoys being with kids! His music is excellent, very engaging, and his approach very inviting when he leads. The kids had an awesome experience! ”

— Kathy Zelman Children’s Pastor, Hope City Church

It was a pleasure to have Brad come and lead worship at our kids conference. He lead worship songs that engaged the audience and encouraged an atmosphere of worship. He introduced us to some of his kids worship songs that had great lyrics and fun tunes! We loved having Brad at our conference to lead worship and share his music with us! ”

— Carolyn Burge Kids Pastor | Creekside Church

Brad Guldemond came and led worship for our kids ministry at The Peoples Church and his ability to teach kids new songs as well as engage with a variety of age groups was inspiring. We now use his lyric videos for both our kids ministry on Sunday mornings as well as in our camp ministry to teach truths about God's character and to set a tone of worship for the day. Brad's music is a huge blessing to our ministry and we would recommend any kids ministry to either bring him in to lead for an event, or to use his songs to engage kids in a meaningful time of worship. ”

— Adam Clarke - People’s Church

Brad G came to our and led a family worship night and it was a blast! The kids were so excited to worship with Brad and loved learning the actions that he and his team taught. Many parents were also telling me that their kids won't stop listening to his music in the car! Brad and his team were great, easy to work with and have a genuine passion for seeing children worship the Lord. It has been incredibly refreshing to know that there is an artist like Brad G. who is committed and passionate to writing worship music for children that is fun, catchy and filled with God's truth.” ”

— Gala Mayled, Harvest Bible Chapel

Brad G’s music is not only current and catchy, it is super fun and engaging. Our kids always scream “Again! Again!” after each of his tracks. The message behind each song is scriptural, the tunes are fun to sing, and the colourful videos are engaging. Each song is exciting and unique in its approach to kids worship, and gets ALL kids dancing (not just the ones who would dance anyway!). Brad’s music is fresh and exciting for today’s kids. ”

— Christie Worden,Children’s Pastor, WMB